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This page will serve as my guestbook of sorts. Feel free to leave a note and let me know you’ve stopped by. If you’d like to comment on something I’ve said, there will (usually) be a link for that at the end of a given post.

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  • #1.   Andi 12.01.2003

    Finally! :) I love listening to your reactions to things, and now I’ll look forward to reading them as well. Plus you dig up cool articles a lot and now I can read them instead of just hearing about them. :)

  • #2.   Jean 01.10.2004

    Hey Joel, it’s your cousin Jeannie. :-) I saw your Christmas letter (I love getting those!), and being the web geek I am, I’m sure I’ll think to check in every so often. I love web logs. Hope we see you sometime before Easter, and that you’re feeling better from the flu!


  • #3.   Jo 02.12.2004

    Hi there long time pen pal. It has been nice reading your logs. Although I must confess I spent more time reading Andi’s logs. Must be the mom in me :-)

  • #4.   Dad 03.09.2004

    Just checking in. Enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments. So sorry about Sheba.

  • #5.   Danny Haszard 09.22.2004

    Well done blog mate.Danny Haszard Bangor Maine USA

  • #6.   Tamsin Levine 12.29.2004

    Joel – When we said goodbye years ago you said that we’d probably run into each other somewhere down the road at a coffee shop or something… I never forget a thing. But I’m back in NY and you’re in VA, so the likelihood of that happening is not good :). Sounds from your mesage board that your faith is still strong. I’m so glad to read that!! And that you’ve been having lots of adventures since our college days. I have, too. I would love to catch up with you if you find the time to write. You’ve got my e-mail address now. Take care.

    – Tamsin

    PS… Hope your mom is doing well.

  • #7.   Lori Smith 05.14.2007

    Someone called to tell me I owe you a bit of gratitude for stepping up – at least in part – to defend me…or at least encourage others not to rush to judgment. Hmmm…why is it that we wonder why non-Christians find Christians so UNattractive? (sad tired smile)

    Anyway…for what it is worth…thank you Joel and Andi

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