Three Hour Commute

Comments   1   Date Arrow  January 9, 2004 at 11:20am   User  by joel

I can see the headlines now:


Absolutely crazy. This time, though, I can’t blame it on people who just don’t know how to drive in snow. The roads really were pretty bad, particularly in the neighborhoods. It’s been below freezing at night for most of the past week, making the ground cold enough that hardly anything melts, so the little bit of snow made it almost like driving on a sheet of ice. There were of course reports of all kind of fender-benders and such, and one SUV on I-66 hopped the curb, went through a fence, and landed on the Metro rails early this morning. THAT fouled things up for awhile.

So anyway, I’m still alive and no, I haven’t forgotten about posting. Got the flu for Christmas and kept the cough for New Year’s — nice way to spend a two-week vacation, eh? I think I’m perhaps starting to get tired of the cough, though, so maybe I’ll give it up one of these days.

Work has been interesting the past few days since I got back, too. No one big project, just lots of little things popping up here and there like a whack-a-mole game. One day I feel like I’m on fire and could take care of three-week projects in plenty of time to be home for dinner, and the next I sit and stare at my laptop knowing what I need to do and not having the faintest idea of how to start. The girls had a couple of rough nights that got us very little sleep, though, so my brain’s performance has been spotty at best. Two decent nights now, though, so hopefully things are looking up. At least this (a gift from my lovely wife) is making my desk a little more fun :).

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