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Comments   2   Date Arrow  August 9, 2004 at 3:58pm   User  by joel

Wow. Three and a half months without a post. I think part of the problem was something Jenn noticed too: it felt like the longer I went between postings, the more…I don’t know, impressive my post would have to be once I actually made one.

Whatever. Here I am, still alive and having all manner of interesting thoughts I intend to share and usually forget. Such is life. Maybe one of these days I’ll actually post something about who I am, since my net traffic logs would suggest that not everyone who comes here knows me personally. I’d also like to put up some links to other blogs and such you may or may not find interesting. But not today, as it’s almost 4 and I feel the need to accomplish something else productive at work before I leave for the day.

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  • #1.   djchuang 08.14.2004

    I would hope that you don’t blog out of coercion or the need to impress :) maybe you can make it a part of your daily or weekly routine, or whatever frequency you’d prefer, and when that Outlook reminder pops up, do a 2-minute brain dump of your interesting thoughts at the moment. ahh, stream of conscious..

  • #2.   Jennifer Calabrese Danko 08.17.2004

    So far, couldn’t find a way to email you on this site. I did a little detective work and have found you living in VA. I’m not far from you in MD!! We’ve lost touch and I would be thrilled to find out more bout how you are doing. Email me if you have time.


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