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MSNBC had an article up today called “What’s to blame for the rise in ADHD?” It talks about a recent study that draws a possible link between the increase in ADHD and the changes in children’s TV programming over the past decade or two. Naturally, it waits to give the opposing viewpoints until later in the article, so if you don’t read the whole thing (confession: I skimmed) you come away with the feeling that the link is a no-brainer. Of course it isn’t; still, it raises some (more) interesting questions.

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  • #1.   Chris 10.31.2006

    ADHD is a complex neural process. To dumb it down to one cause, especially an external cause, is inappropriate, misleading, and simply untrue. The biggest reason ADHD has been on the rise is because of the changing definition of the disorder, rising awareness of the disorder, and even mis-diagnosis of the disorder. The ADHD scare is created by the media.

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