…And they finish it

Comments   1   Date Arrow  October 28, 2004 at 8:45am   User  by joel

After 86 years, the Red Sox finally managed to go all the way. Good for them, congratulations, high-fives all around, and all that.

Now quit yer’ whinin’ about that stinkin’ curse, or we’ll make you wait 86 more for your next one!

I am, after all, still a Yankees fan ;).

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  • #1.   Craig 10.29.2004

    A Yankees fan, eh? Being from MA, I suppose it follows that I’m a Red Sox fan. I remember being at Fenway park at a Yankees-Sox game; the first game where Wade Boggs returned to the stadium after leaving the Sox and joining the Yankees. When he stepped up to the plate there was a NOISE — half shouting, half booing — that was so loud that they had to pause the game until the crowd settled down. It was amazing. I had never heard anything so loud.

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