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Okay, so I’m still still here. Honest. Life’s just been a little crazy lately.

Back in November we started an office move at work, which involved moving out of the old office to make way for new tenants several weeks before the new space was ready. So for most of November and December I was either working from home on a dialup connection or taking advanatage of Panera’s free wifi connection. If you ever go there, you really must check out their Frontega Chicken Panini sandwich. No, I mean really. Wow. Thanks to Matt for that tip.

So anyway, then Andi went to Croatia between Christmas and New Year’s (about which she may post at some point) and came back with some bug or other, which she’s been fighting ever since. Main symptoms were extreme fatigue and occasional severe dizzyness, and all the doctors could narrow it down to was “probably a virus.” Not knocking them, mind you — they don’t really have much to go on. She seems to be on the mend now, thankfully, though she still doesn’t have quite the energy she used to. All in good time, I suppose.

In other news, our move to a new hosting outfit is complete, though for the time being we’re still on Moveable Type. I am, however, getting very tired of cleaning out comment spam every day. Google has a solution, but I haven’t yet figured out how to work it into MT’s code structure. We’ll see which I manage first — figuring that out, or just moving to WordPress where I can moderate comments anyway :P.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, SixApart (the company that makes MoveableType) has a plugin for implementing Google’s solution. Surprisingly, it works for our version of MT. So we’ll see how that goes…

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  • #1.   Craig 01.31.2005

    Glad to hear you’re still alive and well.

    That Frontega Chicken sandwich is fantastic. I also recommend their roast beef & horseradish. Mmm, mmm!

    Even with WordPress, you have to clean out comment spam, but at least it holds them in a moderation queue so that you can nuke them before they get to your posts. I’ve been thinking a lot about the philosophy of comment spam. I might make a post on Chambrook about that some time.

    Keep well, and God bless.

  • #2.   Matt 01.31.2005

    Mmm… a great sandwich indeed. I had quite a few of those when our office was nomadic as I ended up working at panera all the time.

    So far, I’ve had a big reduction in comment spam when I added the nofollow attribute. Could be coincidence so i’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • #3.   Sara Jane 01.31.2005

    What does it say about me that my Panera favourite is their apple croissant? (the kind with the orangey glaze icing) I’m sitting here thinking, “They have SANDWICHES???”

  • #4.   Jennifer 02.01.2005

    Should I be “good” and say my favorite Panera food item is: their multi-grain bagel w/ light cream cheese? Or should I be honest and say: the shortbread. mmmmmmmmmm shortbread :)

    Welcome back, Joel! Still praying for Andi.

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