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Comments   6   Date Arrow  April 26, 2005 at 12:52am   User  by joel

Everytime Andi and the girls go out of town to visit grandparents or something, I always end up staying up later than I intend to, tinkering around with one thing or another.

This time it was trying once again to put a cap on the firehose that is comment spam. I found James Seng’s plugin for using a captcha in the comment submission form, and after a bit of tinkering got it to work. Yes, it’s one more step for you to tell me what you think, and I apologize for that, but after several days of cleaning out hundrends of comments hawking all manner of things for which I can’t even begin to hazard a family-friendly description, I just got sick of it. There may be other solutions that won’t require the active challenge-response you see now, but…well, who knows when I’ll get around to playing with that.

For now, I’ll just have to keep an eye on my inbox and see if it worked or not.

After I get some sleep…

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  • #1.   Heather 04.26.2005

    Wyatt has been using this for a while and it’s worked fairly well until recently. Now there are those who are personally taking time out to type in the code to enter spam. These people just have way too much time on their hands.

  • #2.   Craig 04.26.2005

    It’s no big deal; one more field to fill out. I, too, hate comment spam and am very happy that WordPress is so good at filtering it out.

    I listened to an interview online the other day that said that comment spammers are much more interested in dead blogs than live ones; live blogs clean up their spam whereas dead blogs just pile it up, and all the links improve the spammer’s Google score for his webpage.

    I think that’s the ultimate indignity of comment spam; it’s not that the spammer thinks you have lots of readers and so want them to come to their site; it’s that they want Google’s search-bot to find the links and think their site is more impressive.

  • #3.   Jennifer 04.27.2005

    I have no comments on comment spam. I cannot tell you what works for me. I cannot contribute anything useful to this conversation. . .

    I just wanted to find out what additional step was that I had to go through to post a comment :) hehe

    (ooh… cool… i have to add another number if I preview instead of directly post. nifty :) )

  • #4.   Dad 04.28.2005

    Want me to say what I think of SPAM? I sucks! And I probably don’t get all that you do.

  • #5.   Dad 04.28.2005

    Typo above. I meant to say IT SUCKS. Also mixed up my email address. Got my home email and work email connected somehow. Long day!

  • #6.   joel 04.29.2005

    Well, I can’t do much about your long day, but I can at least fix your email address so your work one isn’t visible :).

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