Want cheese with that?

Comments   1   Date Arrow  June 29, 2005 at 7:19am   User  by joel

This was just too funny. I was reading this article about some redesign of the Freedom Tower in NY when I happened to scroll down and notice the following product ad:


If you like, you can view the firefox screen grab I cut that from (~100k). When I clicked on the link, the actual product name was “Round Slab End Grain Chopping Block with Finger Grooves” (emphasis mine).

Web and programming technologies have enabled a huge degree of automated business interaction and processes. But eventually you figure out it doesn’t hurt to have an actual human keep an eye on things from time to time, or you’re going to end up with people trying to buy chopped fingers to defraud some fast food chain. 😉

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  • #1.   Craig 07.01.2005

    Looks as though Edward Scissorhands had a cooking accident. 😉

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