How warm is it?

Comments   1   Date Arrow  November 10, 2006 at 1:27pm   User  by joel

The UK Telegraph has quite an interesting article poking some serious holes in the whole global-warming-catastrophe theory. It’s a little thick in places but overall well worth the read, and there’s an accompanying PDF with graphs and data and such. The elevator speech version is that UN climatologists accidentally (or purposely?) screwed up the data models between the ’96 report and the ’01 report, they didn’t bother issuing apologies or corrections when the errors came to light, the seas aren’t rising more than whatever normal is, and…well, there were Vikings farming in Greenland in the Middle Ages, for cryin’ out loud! Who knew?

Anyway, I’m sure there are valid and insightful responses out there to this guy’s position (at least I hope so — this can’t be all political, can it?), but this at least shows me that this issue isn’t nearly as cut-and-dried as some would have us believe.

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  • #1.   Dad 11.13.2006

    I just emailed the article address to a friend of mine, a scientist by the way, asking him to please put it in English for me. I have no idea what that guy was saying, except that he doesn’t believe all the global warming talk that is going on. Not sure I ever did either. But… What do I know!

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