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I’m thinking a Huckabee-McCain ticket would be a pretty powerful thing. Huck carries the conservatives who are concerned with a few of Mac’s social positions, and Mac carries enough foreign policy cred for both of them. It would seem they differ on the current administration’s Iraq policies, but in the heat of political battle that shouldn’t be too difficult to reconcile to present a united front for a way forward.

If McCain were on top, on the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he picked Lieberman for veep. Unfortunately, while there’s the whole bi-partisan appeal going for it, I don’t think it’s as compelling a ticket overall and would most likely fall to Obama-Hillary.

Scratch that. She’d never accept veep.

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  • #1.   auschick 01.04.2008

    Without paying too much attention to the latest polls, i have this feeling that Edwards might snatch it from Obama and Hillary. I’m not sure about Huckabee… do you think Americans will vote for an ex-reverend with that whole separation of church v state thing?

  • #2.   joel 01.04.2008

    A fair question, but I think Huckabee’s a lot less likely to raise that concern in voters than, say, Pat Robertson would have had he made it farther in his attempt. Huckabee’s more than willing to talk about God if asked, but he doesn’t come across as shoving it in your face. Remember he’s already held elective office before. There have been a few less-than-satisfied rumblings out of Arkansas regarding his time as governor (I’d be surprised if there weren’t — nobody’s THAT popular), but none of them so far seem to indicate First Amendment concerns.

  • #3.   Craig 01.04.2008

    You’re right, Hillary would never accept veep. Which makes this a desperate battle for her — now that she is no longer considered “inevitable” she must catch up to Obama and Edwards(!) — or rather attempt to drag them down. Expect nasty vitriol from the Hillary camp in the next weeks.

    McCain is more likely to accept veep, I think. A lot of people (including me) were surprised when Bush didn’t pick him in ’00. If Huckabee does, it would be a surprisingly powerful Republican ticket.

  • #4.   Bob Fouse 03.05.2008

    Ok… It’s determined that McCain is the choice on the Republican side. Dem’s still have to make up their minds. As to a choice for McCain’s veep that both my wife, a Democrat, and myself, a Republican, could endorse… How about Bill Bradley? Yes, he’s a Democrat, but a centralist in his thinking. And think of the possibilities! The openings for bi-partisan cooperation. The lack of prejudgment as to which way things would go. Maybe we could finally get to where most of the country already is.

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