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I usually try to think of something witty or insightful or even vaguely amusing or at the very least somewhat relevant when putting up a link that will just send you off somewhere else, but this time there’s nothing to say. Watch the first video for some stats that will make your eyes pop and your stomach sink. Then if you’ve got the guts, watch the second. Yes, that’s a challenge.

It’s high time we stop worrying about offending someone’s sensibilities. God help us…

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  • #1.   Bob Fouse 03.03.2008

    Whether I’m pro-life or pro-choice is not the point here, but 22 per day does not add up to 25,000 per week. The last I checked 7 times 22 came out to around 152. And 152 times 4 weeks is still only 608. A far cry from 25,000! This film makes the same mistake as the pro-choice side makes. Give people true straight facts, not scare tactics.

  • #2.   joel 03.03.2008

    The “22” in that frame wasn’t “22 per day”, it was a date on the calendar. The frame before it gave the “4,000 per day” figure, which lines up better with the rest of the figures given.

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