Pardon my dust…

Comments   7   Date Arrow  February 29, 2008 at 3:14am   User  by joel

Just a little update going on here, nothing to be alarmed about. Carry on…

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  • #1.   Beth 02.29.2008

    I like the new look. I am alarmed that you set up up at 3:14am, but I guess I’m not surprised.

  • #2.   joel 02.29.2008

    Thanks. :) Sometimes bigger undertakings like this can only really happen in the wee hours, given normal life between first orange juice and last toothbrush.

  • #3.   Craig 02.29.2008

    Pretty! I think I like it better. Google Reader can parse your feed correctly, for what it’s worth.

  • #4.   Seth 03.11.2008

    Hey Joel,

    Welcome to WordPress.

    Oh, and, hello.


  • #5.   joel 03.11.2008

    And hello to you, man! Long time…

  • #6.   Dad 07.16.2008

    Well… Since you haven’t posted anything since March I was wondering if the computer got lost in the ‘dust’ from your updating? :-)

  • #7.   joel 07.16.2008

    Heh…yeah, sometimes it happens. I’ll see if I can dig it back out one of these days…

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